This blog records my thoughts and feelings about the music which has influenced my life.

I am doing this for two reasons:

First, I want to record stories, memories, feelings, and experiences about specific songs, albums, and artists which are meaningful to me or were meaningful to me at one point in my life. More generally, I want to document what music has meant to me in my life. I think that meaning will be readable in the themes that emerge.

The second reason is because I love music. I love talking about music; I love seeing shows; I love discovering good new music. I’ve probably created and received a hundred music mixes. I’ve done the mix-tape thing, the mix-cd thing, the mix-drop-box thing. So, I figure this is new “mix” territory.  Should be good fun.

This project does not have a defined end. I don’t plan to follow any release schedule (although, I’ll shoot for one post each week). It’s something that will likely evolve over time. I suspect that this will be somewhat of a voyage of discovery. By that, I mean that I will probably learn some things about myself enriching my life in the process–maybe even becoming a better person, man, husband, father, and friend along the way.

This is just one of those things I have to do. At the risk of coming off as silly, this project will help me sing my song.

I am also selling 15 Acres of Land in Western North Carolina.