Texas Heritage: ZZ Top

For Houstonians, before there was Beyonce’, there was ZZ Top.  There have not been a whole lot of major bands and artists who call Houston home; afterall, Houston is not known as a cultural mecca.  But, during the 1970s and 1980s, it was hard to turn on the radio in Houston and NOT hear a blazing ZZ Top song.


Transitions: Blitzen Trapper

As I gaze back upon my life, I can chunk it into meaningful periods according to the music that I listened to at the time.  These periods tend to coincide with major life events — or transitions.


Lead Me from Tortured Dreams: Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the very few classical pieces to which I ever listen.   There are ten movements in the piece, each representing a different painting at an art gallery, and the imagery really comes through — from lumbering ox carts to bustling markets to the majestic Gates at Kiev.   But, it was the dreamy, repetitive Promenade which played over and over in my 7th grade head.


I began exploring the alt-country music of Uncle Tupelo which eventually led to Wilco’s first album, AM.  I was hooked by Wilco’s alt-country heritage and vibe, and then I was transfixed by their evolving artistry and sound.

“Carry On My Wayward Son…”

One fine Gulf Coast evening outside of Seville Quarter — probably on nickel draft beer night, a memorable incident occurred which I think about to this very day.